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Medieval Entertainment
Shooting a crossbow
Archery in the Carpathian Mountains, Vezha Vedmezha
Archer with bow, arrows
Medieval armory in Vezha Vedmezha
Medieval armor in the armory
Males in medieval armor
Medieval armor
The boy in medieval knightly armor, Vezha Vedmezha Hotel
Medieval costumes for men
Medieval armor for man, gun
Knight fight
Medieval knights, Vezha Vedmezha
Women in medieval garb
Woman in medieval dress
Girls in medieval costumes
Girls in medieval clothes, Vezha Vedmezha Hotel
Girls in Medieval Dresses
Medieval Women's Clothing
Men in knightly armor
Knight sword on watch
Medieval knight's armor, Vezha Vedmezha Hotel
Medieval weapons: swords and axes
Knight helmet
Medieval EntertainmentShooting a crossbowArcheryArchery in the Carpathian Mountains, Vezha VedmezhaArcher with bow, arrowsMedieval armory in Vezha VedmezhaMedieval armor in the armoryMales in medieval armorMedieval armorThe boy in medieval knightly armor, Vezha Vedmezha HotelMedieval costumes for menMedieval armor for man, gunKnight fightMedieval knights, Vezha VedmezhaWomen in medieval garbWoman in medieval dressGirls in medieval costumesGirls in medieval clothes, Vezha Vedmezha HotelGirls in Medieval DressesMedieval Women's ClothingMen in knightly armorKnight sword on watchMedieval knight's armor, Vezha Vedmezha HotelMedieval weapons: swords and axesKnight helmet

Among rapid rhythm of our life, full of everyday worries, sometimes you want to escape from routine and just have fun even just  for one day.
 Exactly in “Vezha Vedmezha” they can make your dreams come true, including a dream of maybe even of each of us to become brave knight, the winner of all duels or beautiful lady, for whose smile those duels take place. So be as good as done!
 Try on medieval clothing: luxurious embroidery dresses for ladies and knight armor for men, you can try yourself in archery or shooting with crossbow. After tidy shots we can go to the arena and take part in joust. At your wish, amazing transformations will remain not only in your memory, but also will be pictured. Also we invite you to the show fights, fire show, visit exhibition of unique armory of medieval weapon and enjoy the shots from real medieval canon. Its blizzard will drive away sad thoughts and will leave only light and pleasant fatigue after bright and adventures day...
“Stop, traveller, come to the gates,
Look attentively at armor and emblems
Let your fatigue and sadness fly away, -
Here you don't need all them.
Enter this gate, breathe this spirit,
Old knight tale will cheer you up,
Here you're welcome guest and joyful friend,
Here in “Vezha Vedmezha” - breath of centuries...”

Prices на Medieval entertainment

Price, UAH
Archery with bows
1 shots

Prices на Photographing in medieval costumes

Price, UAH
Dress for ladies 200
Knightly armor for men 200