Visit of delegation from Israel

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18-19 April 2015 Vezha Vedmezha Hotel was honored to host a delegation of representatives of travel agencies and journalists from Israel.
«A fairyland in the woods
The Vezha Vedmezha hotel is something out of a dream.  Perched alongside a river, it pokes out of an otherwise desolate rural wilderness like a fairytale.  A castle-themed resort, this place is excellent for children and adults alike.  Located in the Skole region at Volosjanka village; it is difficult to access.  But it is well worth it.  Waitstaff greet us with wine.  Inside the walls are adorned with swords and there are helmets and period costume to try on.  Rooms are carpeted and have heated bathroom floors.  There is a ropes course down along the cold stream; paint balling, outdoor areas to cook and practice with a bow.  A playroom caters to children and a bar to adults.
Good food at Vezha
Good food at Vezha
Dinner is served to our group at a long L-shaped table.  The local mayor is with us and soon the dancing begins with a live band.  Cognac and wine flow.  The men begin a slow shuffle but soon everyone is in the mood.  It reminds one of the scenes from ‘The Court of the Red Tsar’, but that’s just a stereotype to be sure.  The food consists of numerous salads, mushrooms, pickled onions, nice blintzes, tasty potatoes.  Everything is tasty.  This place truly is a fairytale after a long day on the road.  But beware the road getting here is bumpy and potholed and probably difficult to find without a local guide or know-how.  The region is full of ski resorts and other hotels, that are more dingy.  There are also hiking trails.  This would be a good place to spend a week, but we only have a night of festivities…»


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